Professional certification courses from leading international experts

Nick Orton

Renowned CEO of the internationally acclaimed fitness brand BodyPower, Nick Orton is a visionary who has transformed countless lives. With a track record of developing multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch, Nick's influence extends far beyond the gym. As a bestselling author of books like "Think Big" and an award-winning major event promoter, Nick's insights have guided millions towards fitness success.

Dani Levi

Danni Levi, a renowned fitness trainer, model, TV personality, and author, offers invaluable expertise to aspiring trainers. With her comprehensive approach to fitness and industry insights, she can empower trainers to excel in their careers, connecting with clients effectively while delivering personalized, results-driven training programs.

Dan Wynes

A true champion in the fitness arena, Dan Wynes brings over a decade of experience as a fitness model and coach to our faculty. Winner of multiple fitness model competitions, Dan's expertise extends to coaching, speaking, and educating individuals worldwide. As the host of the Dan Wynes Fitness Podcast and the owner of a highly successful online fitness coaching business, Dan's passion for fitness knows no bounds.